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What Is It ?

The IGCSE or GCSE qualification is designed for students between 14-16 years old (Year 10 - 11).  It can be used for "some" university applications in combination with other qualifications for different majors, such as BMAT for the Doctor of Medicine course.

Students typically take at least 6 subjects since it is designed to allow students to explore different subject areas before deciding to focus on only a few later on in A-Levels.   

Youni offers tutoring for all five IGCSE exam boards (CAIE, Edexcel, AQA, OCR, LRN)

Subject List:

Our IGCSE / GCSE Course

IGCSE is one of the main areas that Youni specialises in, with a staggering success rate of 93%. We aim to ensure every student achieves an A or A*!

STEP 1:          Free Trial / Consulting

Our team of specialists will be discussing and understanding your roadmap towards dream university or grades.

Furthermore, you will be provided a trial session with our experienced tutors. 
If the tutor does not suit your style and you decide not to proceed ....
then the session is completely

STEP 2:         Roadmap Planning

Youni's arsenal of tutors and consultants will formulate a structured roadmap for students to achieve their goals. This will be based on your current level in the subject. Ensuring your A/A* and university offers. 

Finally, IGCSE tutoring session dates will be organised and confirmed. 

STEP 3:             GCSE / IGCSE Tutoring

Secure your A* and offers with our tutors from Top World Ranked Universities like Imperial College London (ranked #6), Cambridge University (ranked #2), National University of Singapore (ranked #8) and more!



Details on the pricing will be given together with the trial bookings depending on your currency and country due to varying discounts and offers!

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