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What Is It ?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a qualification that tests the student's proficiency in English. IELTS comes in "General" and "Academic" variations as well as "IELTS UK VI". 

We recommend students to take IELTS UK VI Academic since it is required for a Student VISA in order to apply to universities in the UK. This variation can also be used for university applications outside of the UK.

The test is composed of 4 sections:
1.  Listening (score 1-9)
2. Reading (score 1-9)
3. Writing (score 1-9)
4. Speaking (score 1-9)

An average band score will be calculated as your final result.

Our IELTS Course

Youni aims to provide you with the best IELTS tutoring from experienced tutors who specialise in English proficiency tests and ensure the highest possible IELTS score for each student.

STEP 1:          Free Trial / Consulting

Our team of specialists will be discussing and understanding your roadmap towards dream university or grades.

Furthermore, you will be provided a trial session with our experienced tutors. 
If the tutor does not suit your style and you decide not to proceed ....
then the session is completely

STEP 2:         Roadmap Planning

Youni's arsenal of tutors and consultants will formulate a structured roadmap for students to achieve their goals. This will be based on your current level in the subject. Ensuring your grades and university offers. 

Finally, IELTS tutoring session dates will be organised and confirmed. 

STEP 3:             IELTS Tutoring

Secure your grades and offers with our tutors from Top World Ranked Universities like Imperial College London (ranked #6), Cambridge University (ranked #2), National University of Singapore (ranked #8) and more!

Book trials and consultation sessions now! 



Details on the pricing will be given together with the trial bookings depending on your currency and country due to varying discounts and offers!

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