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What Is It ?

Both the BMAT and UCAT qualifications are required by universities worldwide for applications to most Medical, Dental, and Biomedical degrees.

BMAT (Biomedical Admission Test) is composed of three sections.
1. Thinking Skills (score 1-9)
2. Scientific Knowledge (score 1-9)
3. Writing Task (score 1-5, E - A)

UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) is composed of five subtests.
1. Verbal Reasoning (score 300 - 900)
2. Decision Making (score 300 - 900)
3. Quantitative Reasoning (score 300 - 900)
4. Abstract Reasoning (score 
300 - 900)
5. Situational Judgement (Band 1 - 4)

Our BMAT / UCAT Course

BMAT and UCAT are the main medical admission tests that Youni specialises in, with tutors from top world medical schools. We aim to send you to your desired medical journey!

STEP 1:          Free Trial / Consulting

Our team of specialists will be discussing and understanding your roadmap towards dream university or grades.

Furthermore, you will be provided a trial session with our experienced tutors. 
If the tutor does not suit your style and you decide not to proceed ....
then the session is completely

STEP 2:         Roadmap Planning

Youni's arsenal of tutors and consultants will formulate a structured roadmap for students to achieve their goals. This will be based on your current level in the subject. Ensuring your grades and university offers. 

Finally, BMAT / UCAT tutoring session dates will be organised and confirmed. 

STEP 3:             BMAT / UCAT Tutoring

Secure your grades and medical school offers with our tutors from Top World Ranked Universities like Imperial College London (ranked #6), Cambridge University (ranked #2), National University of Singapore (ranked #8) and more!

Book trials and consultation sessions now! 



Details on the pricing will be given together with the trial bookings depending on your currency and country due to varying discounts and offers!

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